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  • nstagram users around the world have reported that the photo-sharing platform is down on both coasts of the US, in Europe, and beyond. Frustrated users took to Twitter to vent.

    The outage was spotted on Monday at around 5pm GMT (12pm Eastern Time), according to, a website where users can report such problems.

    Issues ranged from certain features of the app, such as the text editing function, not working, to the app failing to open.

    Most of the reports came from New York, California, and the UK, with users as far afield as Brazil and Malaysia also finding problems.

    Bereft of their beloved social media platform, users took to Twitter to express their frustration, using memes, gifs, and snarky comments aimed at the Instagram team.

    Instagram is used by over one billion people around the world every month. However, outages are frequent, with the platform going dark three times in one week back in July. Staff apologized for the patchy performance at the time, and have yet to comment on the latest outage.


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    Дата публикации: 09.09.2019