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Shortly About Us


Quantsalus fulfills the stock form of the partnership. This partnership is in more extensive value. The principle of partnership embodies respect, trust, and interdependence in a long time perspective. The responsibility goes hand in hand with a long-term, partnership approach. This means holding the participation of responsibility and integrity not only for the current generation, but also for the future generations and for the real economy around the whole world. This is a true and stable worldview.


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Our Advantages

High reliability at the level of a European bank with “AAA” rating allows the clients to evaluate high-quality service, as well as favorable conditions and the recognized reputation of the company. Discover for yourself an unlimited online trading opportunities with a reliable European-level broker.


The project is equipped with advanced security technologies for stable platform operation.


Immediately right after the accrual of profits, the entire amount of income is available for withdrawal.

High profit

The project offers mutually beneficial cooperation, an income of 0.1% from the deposit amount.

Constant growth

We are constantly searching for new and more efficient financial instruments.

Professional approach

Observing the market prompts and the ability to act decisively requires skill. We are proud of our ability to assertively redistribute the investments, based on our deep understanding of market behavior and self-confidence, in order to continually reinvest and generate more profit. During the time when shares, bonds, and cash remain the base of the Quantsalus portfolio, we place more emphasis on alternative investments, such as derivative financial instruments, private equity funds, and hedge funds, in order to take advantage of both current foundations of economic development. READ MORE

Additional features

Partnership Program

Not only investors can earn money from Quantsalus, but also our partners. Simply register now on the project website and get 1% of attracted deposits! The Quantsalus Partnership program is an opportunity to make a profit not only from the first contribution of the invited participant, but also from all his subsequent deposits.

Mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation

Investment plans



0.2% per day
  • Minimum amount: $ 20
  • Maximum amount: $ 10,000
  • Accruals: on working days
  • Payments: manual, up to 48 hours
  • Deposit term: 27 days
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2% per week
  • Minimum amount: $ 100
  • Maximum amount: $ 10,000
  • Accruals: weekly
  • Payments: manual, up to 48 hours
  • Deposit term: 26 weeks
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Why You Should Choose




Investments are easy to track from your personal cabinet; all the information is available and transparent.


Data encryption

The project uses SSL 256kb encryption from Sectigo , for data security.



QUANTSALUS is equipped with advanced security technology.


Quick accruals

The first accrual of profits is within 24 hours after the opening of the deposit.


Data confidentiality

All of the investor’s data is carefully protected and not transferred to third parties.

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The Latest News


Platform Launch


Dear guests of the Quantsalus investment project! The specialists of our company have completed the preparation of an investment resource for work, and we solemnly announce about the official launch of the project!